2 New Arches at UVU Event Center

August 12, 2014

We recently had the privilege of creating 2 great arches for 2 separate events at Utah Valley University. Both balloon arches used the new AreoPole system for the best look and was able to stay up all day long and look good the whole time. The first arch was for a company party for a local company Boostability. They used the arch to signal the entrance to the event. We use blue, white and sliver balloons for this arch. They decided to go with the quad spiral balloon arch style. I think it turned out just great! 20140731_170825 20140731_170752 20140731_170733 20140731_170715 We also were able to create a balloon arch for a hispanic festival. They saw the arch we created and loved it and wanted the same arch for their event that weekend. We are lucky to have great referrals that keep us busy without our customers we would not be able to be as successful as we are. This balloon arch added 5 additional feet to make the arch a little higher so they could fit a stage under it. We used green, red and white balloons to resemble the the colors of the Mexican flag. They also opted for the quad spiral arch style that I think turned out amazing! 20140803_083131 20140803_083118