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We Love Utah Balloon Finish and Starting Lines - Image

We Love Utah Balloon Finish and Starting Lines

Each year there are hundreds of 5Ks, marathons, walkathons or races that people come to support a good cause! At Utah Balloon Creations we absolutely LOVE 5K season because not only do we love doing b...

“Toy Story” 3rd Birthday! featured image

“Toy Story” 3rd Birthday!

We decorated for a little boy's "Toy Story" 3rd birthday! If there's one thing that we know about children is they always LOVE balloons! ;

Carter and Emily Wedding featured image

Carter and Emily Wedding

This week we had a blast decorating for the Carter and Emily wedding. We used 6 columns, 3 helium arches and the double heart that every wedding wants to include. Below are some of the best images we ...