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Confetti Balloons - Elegant Side Of Balloons - Image

Confetti Balloons - Elegant Side Of Balloons

August 14, 2017

If there is one thing that everyone loves, that is balloons! Balloons have become one of America's favorite ways to celebrate an occasion. Even though everyone knows to get balloons for a birthday party. Not many people realize how elegant a balloon can be for an event that is requires a little more sophistication. Today we are going to look at one of our most popular products, which is Confetti Balloons! Today we are going to take a look at what we call a confetti balloon. Confetti balloons are becoming one of our most popular decor addons that we do. Depending on the confetti you use, the balloon can be fun and bold for a birthday, or soft and elegant for a wedding. You can choose bright glitter confetti to go inside your balloons, or something more soft like larger paper confetti. The important thing to remember is the possibilities are endless and each type of confetti you place inside give the balloon a different look and feel. For our confetti balloons, we use a custom make tool to add confetti to the balloon after it is blown up. It is coated on the inside with a substance that helps the confetti stick to the inside of the balloon. The best thing is because the inside of the balloon is coated, the helium will remain in the balloon much longer than a regular helium balloon. These balloons will last days! Last but not least we coat the outside of each balloon to make sure the balloon does not oxidize (get cloudy) and the balloon remains as clear as can be regardless of the condition of our event. We are going to take a loot at 3 of our most popular confetti balloons so you can see exactly how amazing these look. But make sure you do not limit them to these, if you can find confetti for your event, we can place it inside the balloon!

1 Inch Round Tissue Paper Confetti Balloons

Tissue Paper Confetti Balloons This is our most popular confetti right now for our balloons. Depending on the colors, the balloons can be elegant or fun! These make amazing centerpieces for your wedding reception tables when they are put in a table balloon bouquet. You can even take it a step further and personalize the balloons with vinyl with your names and even wedding date! For glitter balloons we use a 16 inch clear latex balloon with helium.  

Glitter Confetti Balloons

Another VERY popular confetti balloon option is our fine glitter. The clear balloon has glitter sprinkled on the inside to give it some extra sparkle! You can use any color of glitter. For this balloon we used gold glitter and a 16 inch clear balloon. These confetti balloons are WONDERFUL for weddings, birthdays or any other occasion you want to add a little more glitter to. Glitter Confetti Balloons   There are so many types of glitter that can be used. We also often use a larger glitter in balloons that make the balloon more festive and fun. You choose the colors that work best for your event. Gold or sliver for a wedding, or blue and green glitter confetti for a birthday party! You are sure to find the perfect confetti balloon option for you!!   Large Glitter Confetti Balloons