Backdrop Walls

Chiara Arch Walls

Our classic Chiara arch walls are a great way to add dimension to your balloon display. The arch walls come in three different sizes:

  • Full Tall Arch in White: 84" tall
  • Right Half Arch in White: 78" tall
  • Full Medium Arch in Tan: 75" tall

The arch walls can be rented in sets or individually. Cost for one wall is $125; a set of two is $150; and the complete set of three is $175.

How to rent: Just indicate in your custom event request form that you're interested in booking the Chiara Arch Walls and we'll get you all set up!

Rustic Wood Wall

Our rustic wood wall is made of reclaimed pallet wood and is freestanding. Highlight your balloon garland or any other balloons with this great backdrop option. The wall is 7'2" tall and 5'7" wide. Cost of renting this wall is $100.

How to rent: Just indicate in your custom event request form that you're interested in booking the Rustic Wood Wall.