Balloon Mosiacs

Available in 4 feet, balloon mosaics are the perfect way to celebrate any milestone! Spell out a word or a number for a one-of-a-kind appearance.

These frames are extremely time consuming to build, so in order to offer these at a lower price, we return to collect the frame at the end of the event. If you'd like to keep the mosaic after the event, please let us know at time of booking so that we can be sure to quote an accurate price.

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Materials Used

Our letter and number mosaics are made out of thick foam core board to provide us with the custom flexibility needed to put these together. This makes them fairly lightweight and not recommended for outdoor use. Though weight is provided to hold them in place, indoors is always safer.

If you have an event that will be outdoors, we recommend you renting a marquee letter from our friends at White Letter Rentals as these are made from heavy-duty wood and withstand wind better. Let us know you've booked with them and we can get together the balloons to fill the letter or number on site!

Shown: White Letter Rental Utah number One filled by Utah Balloon Creations