Elevate Your Event with a Balloon Drop!

Elevate Your Event with a Balloon Drop!

Ready or not, here comes 2022!

Hard to believe it, but it’s true. It’s a special time to commemorate the achievements, the accomplishments and the hardships because you know what... WE DID IT! We have made it through the madness, the stress and the struggle. You are something worth celebrating! Your loved ones, your employees, your tribe, your crew, your team--they are worth celebrating! 


Balloon drops are that symbolic pat on the back, the high five, the hug. Balloon drops are for all of those heart pounding moments of anticipation--the championship game, the new product launch, the wedding reception that finally got to happen after postponing through a pandemic, and the celebration of another year coming to a close. They’re here for you in those milestones of life. Balloon drops are here because life is worth celebrating. From dances, weddings and proposals, to business openings, birthday parties and rebranding events, Utah Balloon Creations wants to celebrate with you

Balloon Drop for Kids - Excited Birthday Party

Let’s Get Down to Business

Utah Balloon Creations is one of the only companies in Utah that has years of training, proper equipment and has successfully executed balloon drops of all sizes across the state. We know that you're not hosting a cookie cutter event which is why we create a custom balloon drop net to fit exactly what you need for your space and your event!


Just like the majority of the products we offer, our balloon drops are custom to you and your event; your color scheme, your net size, even the size and shape of your balloons--you get to decide! To give you the best experience possible, we offer on-site consultations of your event space to be able to take measurements and plan how to best rig your balloon drop from the ceiling. When you finalize the booking of your balloon drop with Utah Balloon Creations, your consultation fee will be waived as it's included in our custom package!

So what are you waiting for?

Let's get planning!

Not sure what kind of an event a balloon drop would be used for? Any and all. Here’s a short list to name a few: 

  • Gender reveal
  • Christmas Party
  • New Year’s Eve Party
  • Birthday party
  • Indoor athletics events
  • Prom and school dances
  • Proposals and weddings 
  • Product  launches and company rebranding events
  • You name it--we're here for it!