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Customer Spotlight - Dillard's Fashion Place Mall

As the new year come we are very grateful for all our great customers at Utah Balloon Creations. You guys make it possible for us to have the success we do! We wanted to take a minute and highlight some events we did this year for one of our clients. We did not want to create a new post for every event we did for them, so we have taken all the arches, columns and balloons we have done for them over the year in this post! Grand Opening Spiral Balloon Arch The first event we ever did for Dillard's was when they had their grand opening for their new building at the Fashion Place Mall. This balloon arch was...

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We Love Utah Balloon Starting and Finish Lines

Each year there are hundreds of 5Ks, marathons, walkathons or races that people come to support a good cause! At Utah Balloon Creations we absolutely LOVE 5K season because not only do we love doing balloons, but we love when balloons go to a good cause! One of the hardest things to do is have a good starting/finish line. One of the funnest and best ways to do a starting or finish line is with a balloon arch! Balloon arches are amazing and help direct people to the right place to begin the race. We have done starting / finish line for small walks in the park, or large corporate marathons. One of the greatest things about our balloon arches...

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