Customer Spotlight - Dillard's Fashion Place Mall

Customer Spotlight - Dillard's Fashion Place Mall

As the new year come we are very grateful for all our great customers at Utah Balloon Creations. You guys make it possible for us to have the success we do! We wanted to take a minute and highlight some events we did this year for one of our clients. We did not want to create a new post for every event we did for them, so we have taken all the arches, columns and balloons we have done for them over the year in this post!

Grand Opening Spiral Balloon Arch

The first event we ever did for Dillard's was when they had their grand opening for their new building at the Fashion Place Mall. This balloon arch was a 20 foot spiral balloon arch. We had 3 colors, silver, gold and double black. We really loved being a part of their grand opening and had no idea it would be the beginning of a great business relationship!

Homecoming Dress Balloon Arch

One of the next events we did was for a sale and promotion they had for homecoming dresses! This 10 foot spiral balloon arch greeted those that came to get their homecoming dresses! It was a great way to welcome customers and make a great first impression with balloons!

Wedding Event Spiral Balloon Arch

Another fun event was the wedding special they had. We build a 13 foot spiral balloon arch to go over the display for the wedding event. The balloon arch did a great job at bringing extra attention to the display and make the display look that much better as well!

Breast Cancer Awareness Spiral Balloon Arch

The next event we did was breast cancer awareness month. We did 2 - 10 foot balloon arches (one at each entrance) to welcome shoppers for their week long breast cancer awareness promotions!

Poker Event Spiral Balloon Arch

This was definitely our favorite event. We built this 15 foot spiral balloon arch for their poker promotion! While this arch was only used for one day it made a great impression for those shoppers who came in to a DJ and endless promotions and giveaways!

Swim Suite Event Spiral Balloon Arch

The balloon arch from the wedding event did such a great job at helping their success that they did the same thing for the display for their swim suite event! I love the water colors and this 12 ft spiral balloon arch does a great job at helping the display stand out!

Estee Lauder Spiral Balloon Arch

This was one of the larger balloon arches we did this year for Dillard's. This was a 25ft spiral balloon arch for the Estee Lauder makeup event they had. The best part of this arch was it lasted for over 7 days and the balloon arch looked just as good on day 7 as day 1!

Christmas Spiral Balloon Arch

Our final balloon arch was this 25ft spiral balloon arch for the Christmas special event! This balloon arch welcomed visitors as they came in the front door for 2 weeks while they had their Christmas specials! We really appreciate all we were able to do for Dillard's and look forward to many more events to come!