How to Use Balloons for your Next Newborn Baby

How to Use Balloons for your Next Newborn Baby

How to use Balloons for Your Next Newborn Baby - Image

How to use Balloons for Your Next Newborn Baby

April 29, 2019

Every year over 4,000 babies are born in Utah alone. That is 4,000 baby announcements, gender reveal parties, newborn photos and 1st birthday cake smash. Utah is one of the nations top states and producing new babies…. Utahans have a special place in their heart for their new little one that is on its way. By now I am sure you have seen hundreds of Facebook posts of couples who are excited to announce they are expecting and each step along the way. There are many steps along the way that we like to document and share with our friends and family members. We have compiled a list of each of these steps, and some wonderful ideas on how to include balloons to make your next baby have the best red carpet into this world!

Balloons for Pregnancy Announcement

The first thing you do when you find out you are pregnant, is the announcement that you are pregnant. Facebook pages are swarming with posts each month of parents expecting a new baby. There are many great ways to tell everyone your expecting, but we have put a few of our favorites together. One of the most popular ways to announce your expected bay is to use balloon letters and numbers. You may have heard of these as Megaloons. Balloon letters and numbers come in many different colors and sizes and can be used in many different ways. One of our favorites uses of balloon letters and numbers is from a blogger called Jessica Roberts who has a blog called Raising Robberts where she recently announced baby number 7 using 16 inch foil numbers over each child (and the 7th being over her belly).

Coming in a close second position is the use of 34 inch Megalloon foil balloons. You can fill these large foil balloons up with helium and spell out almost any message…. As long as you have enough hands to hold them. Ashley from Mommy Status did a wonderful job of using these balloons when she announced to Instagram that she was expecting.

She used just 4 gold 34 inch foil letters that spelled out B-A-B-Y to announce that she was expecting. These large and beautiful balloons are so fun to use and can be used in so many different ways. Not to mention they make one great picture to share on social media for your baby announcement.

Balloons for Gender Reveal

Eventually your baby will grow enough for you to find out the gender. One of the most popular uses of balloons with newborn babies is announcing the gender. Balloons are a great way to do this as they are one of the most colorful and fun options for revealing the gender of your baby. There are ways our customers generally reveal the gender of their baby with balloons. First is the balloon in a box. Here you have a box of balloons, when you open the box, the balloons come out of the box in full color of the gender of the baby. This is especially fun when the parents do not know what color is in the box. Lauren from Thinking Closet did just this when they revealed on Instagram with pink balloons the gender of their first child.

Another popular balloon for revealing the gender is the 3ft balloon pop. You have a large balloon filled with confetti, feathers or anything else you want to fly everywhere when the balloon is popped. The balloon is popped by the parents and the color of the gender pops everywhere with great effect!

There are so many great ways to use balloons with your newborn baby. And however you choose to do the announcement, be sure to check out one of our party packages to also decorate for the event. We provide the perfect balloon arches, balloon columns and much more for your newborn event. Make your baby memorable with balloons!